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Poor Housekeeping

I haven’t written a new post for the blog in over six months, and haven’t updated in even longer. For completeness sake I will post the last entry I wrote, even though it is unfinished (I didn’t even finish my sentence!).


Despite my lack of updates, a lot has happened with the band. I say a lot, but actually nothing has happened, which means that somethings are changing. Unfortunately, none of this is for the better.

Firstly, band practices are becoming less and less regular. In fact, we haven’t had a full practice (full! ha! there’s only three of us!) since the last practice that I moaned about. Jacko and I have sat down together and written some new stuff, but this is only in my front room. I’ve told him that I’m unhappy with the rate of progress


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Finding a Singer – Adverts and Auditions

After the last practice I told the other guys that I would put an advert on Gumtree. Although I have written the advert I haven’t yet posted it, and instead have replied to a few postings.

Had one response almost straight away for a guy that is keen to sing, so we are meeting him tomorrow. This one is a dude and has been in other punk bands before. Another Gumtree find, but this guy seems really keen!

Nothing really got going with the girl that I mentioned in previous posts. Every time we invited her along to her a jam she wouldn’t make it. We’ve pretty much given up hope there, until she asked if we wanted to jam on Sunday. Think I’ll have to let her down, but not sure how to say it.

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Song Writing – Making Beautiful Music

Me and Jacko have been making beautiful music together this evening. We finished, had a cigarette, kissed me goodbye and then he left.

We started writing a very different style of song this evening. No power chords, but instead jangly open chords and a slow, but very cool riff. We didn’t finish it, but this will be one of the ones that we will keep going back to and adding new ideas to. It’s a lot of fun to play songs that are completely different from any of our others, makes me feel like we’re discovering a sound.

But what has gotten me very very excited is a song we wrote last week. We didn’t add anything to it this evening, but just played it through. This is a standard Jacko-Sherlock number. I’m not going to lie to you; it’s awesome.

I’m excited about this. I’m excited about adding drums, bass and vocals to it. I’m excited about playing it with a full band. I’m excited about people listening to it. I’m excited about playing it on stage.

This feeling is why I play music. The knowledge that we, we, Jacko and Me, created this. A song that, we feel, will make people dance, mosh, jump up and down, sing along. That’s a great feeling. You will never get that feeling from Television or Computer Games. This is why I’m in a band.

You’ll have to excuse me if I milk this, but these sort of feelings don’t come around very often, and I have to make the most of it.

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