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A Pause For Writing

I’d like to take a moment out of writing about music, and instead write about writing. More specifically grammar.

Now, I know my humble blog is full of grammatical errors. I try my best to make sure my posts are all present and correct, but it’s just not that easy to tell where you’ve gone wrong. It’s like a bad smell. I can tell it’s there, but I just can’t pin point the source.

Despite my own failings, I do dislike bad grammar. Especially grammar that’s bad on purpose (I’m looking at you Hip-Hop), but despite that there is never any excuse for being the Grammar Gestapo.

I’m sure we’ve all come across these people. They are the sort that think that use of the wrong word, or a misplaced apostrophe gives them the right to hound the author and insult him.

There is just no getting away from the Grammar Gestapo. They have infiltrated your workplace, your family, and even the Internet.

I was on Twitter for a while, and could not believe the amount of people who would get rather rude and abusive on the misuse of your and you’re. Come on, there is only 140 characters to play with!

Let’s make a stand against these people. English is a confusing language, and there is a big difference between being unfamiliar with the rules of communication and being intelligent.



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