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Domain named

Last night I was looking at buying the domain name for the name I want to christen my with. Wishful thinking?

I didn’t realise that you only owned the rights for a finite period. What a let down!


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The Shortlist – My Favourite Band Names

Writing a list of band names is one of my favourite forms of procrastination. During revision for my university finals I filled two sides of A4 with potential bands names. I’ve since lost that list, but most of the names were taken from programmes or songs I like. These were some of my favourites shows, like South Park (Leopold) or Futurama (Turanga).

I’ve kept this idea going. Taking your name from something that you like an enjoy seems to hit rules 2 to 6 from my self imposed criteria put forward in the previous post. This is probably because your letting someone else doing the thinking for you.

With that in mind I present to you a list of potential names for the band. Most of these are taken from song names and album tracks, but a few are non music related. If you can work out where 5 or more of them are from without using Google you win a Brownie point!

Turbo Island

Attacks against the system

Handshakes for Bullets

Everything Destroys Itself

False Idols Fall

One Way Mirror

Average American Corpse

Dutch Disease

Recipe For Hate

Deth kult social club


…and they obey

Conveyor Belt Destruction

Teritum non datur

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


Sometimes selling out is giving up


Worship Yourself


If there are any that you particularly like or dislike please comment. I’ll whittle down the list and present them to the Rafferty and Jacko at our next practice. In my next post I’ll let you know which is my personal favourite.

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Band Names – The Do’s and Don’t For A Great Name

Naming your band is something a lot of bands get wrong. It can be easy to both under and over think your name. This is something I am determined to get right this time round. To aid me in the quest of dreaming up a collective moniker, I have come up with a few rules.

1) Don’t be cheesy
Here is a conversation I had with a girl I was chatting up back at Reading 2005 (Iron Maiden headlined, fucking awesome):
“I’m in a punk band”
“Oh really?That’s so cool!”
“Yeah, I’m pleased with the way it turned out! I write most of the songs..” I felt like it was working. Being in a band is fantastic for getting fluff. Especially when your 18.
“What are you guys called?”
“Oh, we’re called Side FX!” I was proud of the name, it took me ages to come up with it 2 years earlier.
“Side Effects?! HAHA! That’s so lame! You can so tell that you are in School. I bet you even spell ‘Effects’ as ‘FX’!”
“Yea…we do…” With my tail between my legs I sulked my way back to the tent. Moral of story, steer clear of cheesy names.

2) Don’t over think it
Your not Oscar Wilde, if you you think about a name too much you will sound cheesy, not poetic.

3) Don’t try to be clever
I’ve lost count of the number of bands I have seen called Systemic Chaos. No oxymorons. They’ve all been done.

4) Don’t pin yourself down to one genre
It’s quite easy to stereotype yourself. This is something I want to avoid. Unless it’s so super cheesy it’s funny. Like calling a metal band ‘When All Light Dies’.

5) Do chose a name that means something to you
The best example of this is 36 Crazyfists (Alaskan Hardcore band, awesome, check them out here) who are all kung fu fans, and named themselves after Jackie Chan film. Immediately turns a lame name cool.

On top of all this, it has to be something that is easy to remember and can roll off the tongue. Better get thinking…

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