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The Guys. An Introduction To A Band That Will Change Your Life

As a band, we’re about half complete. We have two guitarists (Jacko and myself) and a drummer, Rafferty. Unfortunately I am an awful singer, and I have been told by a mutual friend that I should not let Jacko anywhere near a microphone. Ideally we would like to find a bassist that can sing (this way we only need to split the profits 4 ways instead of 5).

I met Jacko back in August through my housemate. It was a night out in town for a friend’s birthday, the music was standard chart/dance rubbish. I was keeping myself entertained by trying to chat up a disinterested girl, when, out of the darkness, Jacko was being pushed towards me by my housemate. “He likes the same music as you!” housemate screamed, “Start a band!!”

I quickly ignored the bird (it was going nowhere, my chat up lines weren’t working) and chatted on to Jacko about our favourite songs, labels and previous bands. Within moments it became apparent that we had a lot in common. Not just in terms of music, but in our position that we find ourselves in with our careers and love-lives (we both are ambitious workers and single…maybe they are correlated?).

We spent the rest of the year jamming. We started with a few simple covers, Offspring, Weezer, nothing tricky, until we got bored of that and began writing our own stuff.

A lot of that early stuff we recorded and then not really worked with since recording the initial riffs. Maybe it’s because we have written better stuff since then or perhaps it’s because we’re lazy.

By December we decided it would be time to get some more people involved. Rather than getting an entire line-up together in one go, we thought we would complete the line up in a piecemeal way. Moreover, we didn’t really know that many people in the city (I’m new to Bristol, and Jacko is from Bristol but moved away for 4 years before coming back, so yeah, we don’t have many friends), so it would of been difficult to find another 2/3 people. We turned to Gumtree to find a drummer.

We were a little hesitant with Gumtree. The people on there can be proper weirdos. Here is an example Fucking Nutter.

We gave it a go anyway, and posted this ad:

We’re two guys in their early twenties starting an awesome band! We’ve both been in bands before and have gig experience. We’re getting some songs together and need some drums to flesh the stuff out!

Influences (for a rough idea); Rise Against, Bad Religion, Descendants, Jimmy Eat World, (early) Greenday, The Offspring. Generally the Fat Wreck/Epitaph sound of the 90’s and early 00’s.

Our aim is to write some killer songs, gig and have a good time doing it! If you want in let us know!

Looking at this ad now, it does seem a little like a Lonely Heart posting. Despite that we got a reply within a few hours. We met up with Rafferty a week later. Thankfully, Rafferty is a sound guy and not a nutter; we only got that one reply.

He’s also turned out to be a great addition. Rafferty is not only a good drummer, he also adds a lot of ideas to the songs. I love those rehearsals where everyone is throwing ideas in and a whole song comes together very quickly. Not only that, hearing the ideas you worked on in your bedroom when you come home from work being fleshed out pushed forward by a driving beat is incredibly rewarding!



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