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Ugly Kid – The Frustrations Of A Dude Who Just Wants To Rock

Just got back from band practice. First hour was good, the second, not so good. For some reason it suddenly felt like playing was an effort for all three of us. In fact it was incredibly frustrating.

I imagine this is what it feels like to be a parent of child with learning difficulties. Or maybe the parent of a really ugly kid. Trying your best for baby, but still it keeps stumbling and doesn’t really do all that well at school, and gets ignored by all the girls. You know it will all be fine in a few years, but you really don’t want to wait that long to see the fruit of your loins blossom.

The issue arose when we went back to an earlier song, which has two broad parts, which both differ in terms of style and tempo. I personally quite like the contrast between these two parts. This might be because I play the most out of anybody during it, but a better reasoning would be that I grew up listening to a lot of post hardcore (it was always post-something back in the early 2000s) that doesn’t always follow a fixed structure as pop-punk usually does, where as the guys are often concerned in fitting the music into a tried and tested structure.

All this led into a debate in what direction the band should go in. Whereas we all accept that we need a singer, the other two say we need a singer songwriter to “steer the ship”. That quote has fucked me off no end. The ideas are pretty much there, I don’t need some pretentious dude with an acoustic guitar telling me what my songs should sound like.

Maybe in future I should be a bit more forward with my views rather than just going along with the flow.


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Song Writing – Making Beautiful Music

Me and Jacko have been making beautiful music together this evening. We finished, had a cigarette, kissed me goodbye and then he left.

We started writing a very different style of song this evening. No power chords, but instead jangly open chords and a slow, but very cool riff. We didn’t finish it, but this will be one of the ones that we will keep going back to and adding new ideas to. It’s a lot of fun to play songs that are completely different from any of our others, makes me feel like we’re discovering a sound.

But what has gotten me very very excited is a song we wrote last week. We didn’t add anything to it this evening, but just played it through. This is a standard Jacko-Sherlock number. I’m not going to lie to you; it’s awesome.

I’m excited about this. I’m excited about adding drums, bass and vocals to it. I’m excited about playing it with a full band. I’m excited about people listening to it. I’m excited about playing it on stage.

This feeling is why I play music. The knowledge that we, we, Jacko and Me, created this. A song that, we feel, will make people dance, mosh, jump up and down, sing along. That’s a great feeling. You will never get that feeling from Television or Computer Games. This is why I’m in a band.

You’ll have to excuse me if I milk this, but these sort of feelings don’t come around very often, and I have to make the most of it.

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Meeting the Singer – Auditions In The Beer Garden

I met up with the girl I mentioned in the last post. We went for a drink in a local and sat in the sun. She was really nice, very friendly and chatty, and down to earth, a real person. When we started the band, Jacko and I both stated that we want people who we can get along with, being in a band is a pretty expensive hobby (there is very little money to be had, lets not kid ourselves), and we want to have fun with our friends. Well, I think she would fit the bill.

My only concern at this stage is her voice. Obviously I didn’t make her audition in the middle of the beer garden, but I checked out her previous band’s myspace when I got home. Don’t get me wrong she can sing, and has a lovely voice. But will this fit the hard and fast punk that we play? I’m not too sure.

Who knows? She may be up for something a bit heavier. Or she might not even want to sing for us when she hears our stuff.

Hopefully she will be able to match the sound we’re carving out, and hopefully our songs can build a platform for her vocals to stand on.

Either way, I hope I have made a new friend. She writes and records solo albums all by herself, and although being new to the city like I am, she has friends here, so it would be cool for us to all hang out together. Time will tell.

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