I Want Your Loveletters!

So a few weeks ago I wrote about my favourite band Rise Against, explaining what I love about their songs.

Now I want to know about your favourite band and your favourite songs! Drop a comment in below, and we can discover some new music.

Make it as long or as short as you like, I don’t mind what genre, whether they are an artist, band, composer or whatever. All I ask is that you love their music and it moves you.



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5 responses to “I Want Your Loveletters!

  1. weatheredeye

    I’ll post what song I love today, because it kind of changes all the time, depending on my mood and whatnot.

    So today, my favorite song is titled “Duel Battle For Everyone’s Soul”, which is composed by Shoji Meguro. It’s a part of an OST from a PS2 game I play a lot called Persona 3: FES. If you’ve never seen work from Atlas, or from Shin Megami Tensei, the first thing you need to know is that I’m pretty sure their entire staff is either really depressed and on some sort of drugs, or just on drugs. But it’s a creative drug.
    Atlas (the company that created P3: FES), has come out with an entire series of Persona games, all loosely based on the same concept: another realm of life has opened up and is causing mayhem in reality. A group of kids (usually students) has some innate power to save the world, and they go to do so. But the setting is dark. For example, in P3: FES, they summon Personas, almost like a witch has a familiar. It’s their personalities, basically, brought to life. But to summon said Persona’s, they use a weapon called an Evoker, to bring it out of them. It involves shooting themselves in the head.
    That is not normal! Things like that make up this game, along with deaths, drama in high school, etc etc.
    This song that I’ve chosen is played at the very end of the game, when you are fighting to save the world from being wiped out via everyone turned into a zombie (essentially). It’s a very epic song, very guitar based. It has a rock feel to it, but when you listen, you feel like you can take on the world if you tried. I’ve posted a link, if you care to listen. The entire game has an amazing soundtrack, tbh. There are more tracks like this, and there are some that are very mellow and easy going. They did a splendid job on the OST, I think.

    So there’s my blurb for ya, sorry it’s kind of random :P.

    • That’s really cool, thanks for sharing!

      Music in computer games has really come on in the last few years. The latest Zelda game is a great example of that. Nintendo gave away CDs with the soundtrack on and even put on shows with professional orchestras playing the soundtrack. My friend went to the London show and loved it! He’s a bit of a nerd though.

      I really like 8 bit music because it just reminds me of my childhood game boy so much. Maybe I should write a post about that!

  2. I’ve just started getting into this group called ‘Inland Sea’, they’re from the city I went to university to in Australia, and have thus far only released an EP, but I share them with anyone who’ll listen. The harmonies, mixture of instruments (ukulele, violin, for starters), and the obvious fact that they’re in it for the joy of making music led me to buy their EP. Hope you’ll like them too…

  3. Now that I’ve just read some more of your blog, I thought I’d share something a little bizarre and yet uber cool. Sometimes you need the truly whacky to inspire new songs. This group is from Japan and I heard them at the Java Jazz festival this year. I don’t have their CD yet, but will do soon…

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