Britain’s Got The X Factor Voice Talent

Tonight my housemate has been watching ‘The Voice’, BBC’s answer to the X Factor.

I really hope that these televised talent shows aren’t broadcast overseas. Otherwise our foreign friends will think the British are a nation of cheering idiots.



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2 responses to “Britain’s Got The X Factor Voice Talent

  1. There’s an Australian version of ‘The Voice’ (and ‘The X Factor) and I quite like it, although I usually only watch it when my wife calls me to see something special. We had Idol previously too and I must say that I prefered the Swedish version from Youtube.

    • It’s amazing that all around the world the same programmes are broadcast.

      I was on holiday in China a couple of years ago, and caught a few minutes of “China’s Got Talent”. I knew it was Simon Cowell’s money-spinner as it had the same logo and format.

      The contestant I saw was a middle aged (Chinese) lady and her dog performing tricks. It was exactly the same as the British version, including the chirpy male presenter standing at the side of the stage shouting “Wow!”.

      Maybe this shows that despite our differences we are one and the same. Or maybe it shows that Simon Cowell has taken over the world.

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