Learning to sing. Back to school

Look what I bought today!



I’ve been trying to sing for the last few weeks, pretty unsuccessfully. I really don’t have any idea as to what I’m meant to be doing or how to do it, so hopefully these will get me started!

However, I’m suffering from acute hayfever at the moment, so maybe not today.


I also had to buy a capo. My last one broke after a week or two of having it. It was a Dunlop. They come with a years guarantee, but I chucked the packaging and the receipt in the bin. D’oh!



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4 responses to “Learning to sing. Back to school

  1. I had a similar experience. I was quite happy to play rhythm guitar in the background but people went there own ways, got married, we all moved further apart and in the end it just got too hard. There was a reunion which was great but I got lumbered loading all the gear and it reminded me of another reason we broke up. In the end the guy with the most talent went on to a career of sorts and the rest of us went back to our day jobs. 15 years later music changed and finding like minded souls became even harder. Nowadays I just muck around with my crappy home recordings where I play everything. I can even fudge the singing with modern technology. I miss the comraderie but it aint so bad.

    • It depressing but I guess it happens to 99% of musicians.

      I watched one of your videos on YouTube. I love that you could hear you children in the background!

      • My boy has been brought up with music and knows more music theory than any boy his age but refuses to practice. Funny thing is his friends have been influenced by our musical household and they’re all really good now. You can lead a horse to water……

      • I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My parents are both musical an encouraged me to take up an instrument as a child but I showed no interest till I was a teenager and started listening to music.

        I do wish they had forced me when I was young though. When I’m a parent and if I have a lad I’ll force him to play guitar or drums. He’ll thank me when he is 16 and surrounded smitten girls.

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