Finding a Singer – Adverts and Auditions

After the last practice I told the other guys that I would put an advert on Gumtree. Although I have written the advert I haven’t yet posted it, and instead have replied to a few postings.

Had one response almost straight away for a guy that is keen to sing, so we are meeting him tomorrow. This one is a dude and has been in other punk bands before. Another Gumtree find, but this guy seems really keen!

Nothing really got going with the girl that I mentioned in previous posts. Every time we invited her along to her a jam she wouldn’t make it. We’ve pretty much given up hope there, until she asked if we wanted to jam on Sunday. Think I’ll have to let her down, but not sure how to say it.


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One response to “Finding a Singer – Adverts and Auditions

  1. Dude, in amoungst all your band stuff, hows about giving me a little help ?? ( yeah I know you’re thinking WTF ?? ) But hear me out. I play keyboard, and I’ve created lots of BITS of tune, however I’m crap at finishing anything. Maybe you could take a listen and see if you can do anything with any of the bits ?? pass=musicman


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