A new band, a new blog

I’ve written a few blogs in the past, with limited success. This can be put down to a number of reasons; pressure from studies, work etc, forgetting to click publish. Struggling to remember what my blogger password is didn’t help either. But I’m pretty sure that my limited success was down to not having anything to write about.

Or maybe it because the blog was completely open ended and I could write about whatever I like. Writing without parameters can be pretty hard.

Anyway, all this should change with the introduction of this blog, I have one topic to write about and I think it is pretty interesting.

Because this blog is about my band! Or more precisely, my band coming together. So this will be a blog about starting a rock band.

There we go, I’ve stated my mission, now for the goals. I will write this myself, updating regularly (or at least when something good happen), however I may, in the future get the other guys on board, perhaps in the form of video recordings, or posting songs on here. I want a living document of the band developing, all the trials and tribulations will be discussed on here and if anyone would like add their thoughts they will be most welcome.

Anyway, I may leave it there for now ‘cos my tea is ready. I’ll introduce myself and the band in the next post.


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